Mattia Fogliacco

Mattia Fogliacco
President of Sisvel International S.A

Mattia Fogliacco is President of Sisvel International S.A., the operational parent company of Sisvel. He is leading the Group since 2017 but has been part of the Sisvel Group’s executive management team as Chief New Business Officer since 2014.

Founded in 1982, Sisvel is a world leader in fostering innovation and managing IP. Sisvel creates forms of intermediation in IP transactions that reduce complexity and remove friction between willing licensees and licensors, whilst fostering the creation of a level playing field in the Markets for Technology.

Mr Fogliacco has a background in business and innovation management. He has an MSc from Bocconi University and a CEMS master’s in international management. He has published articles on the technology and IP commercialisation markets.

Before joining Sisvel, Mr. Fogliacco was Managing Director of iiinnovation S.A., a company focused on licensing and IP transactions. He also served as Senior International Manager at a service provider of Deutsche Bank, managing three IP and innovation investment funds.