Dear Colleagues and Friends,


On behalf of the LES International and LES Italy, we are delighted to invite you to attend the LES International Annual Conference, to be held in the beautiful and historic city of Venice in May 2022.

Close your eyes and think of Venice.


You will undoubtedly imagine yourself moving through this city by its unique causeways on water and land, taking water taxis and gondolas under the Rialto Bridge on the Grand Canal and strolling through centuries-old streets and buildings in St Mark’s square by the Basilica and its beautiful bell tower.

Venice is certainly one of the most captivating cities anywhere in the world. And it has a history central to our community of licensing professionals and business leaders.

The First Patent

The Patent Statute laid down in 1474 by the Most Serene Republic of Venice was the first official form of protection for inventions. This remarkable document sets out the fundamental principles governing intellectual property rights. Venice is also a business-oriented city. It is the capital of the Veneto region, the second most wealthy and industrialized of the Italian regions, where all industry sectors are represented.

What better place to meet for the LESI2022 Annual Conference? After many months of virtual learning, we will meet together to explore new collaborations for developing and licensing technology and how they fuel the next generation of innovation. We will experience aspects of the regional innovation ecosystem first-hand.  Our theme this year is: “Back to Licensing: Restarting Business and Fueling Innovation.”

The conference is all about transformations in industry and licensing. 

 How have industries changed? What impact do those changes have on licensing intellectual property and developing technology? How does that affect my business and my clients as they create, protect, and commercialize innovation, and manage and monetize IP and technology transfer? 

The program is built around industries where transformations are occurring, including automotive, communications, energy and green tech, healthcare, and fashion.  Roundtables, workshops, and opportunities to meet the speakers will provide ample opportunity for an interactive personal experience.


Come to the LES International conference in Venice. We look forward to being there with you!

John Paul, Lesi President

John Paul

LESI President
Mattia Dalla Costa

Mattia Dalla Costa

LES Italy President

Mattia Dalla Costa

LES Italy President 

Audrey Yap

LESI President (2020-2021)

John Paul

LESI President (2021-2022)

Francois Painchaud

Partner, ROBIC 

Alan Fan

Chief IP cousel, HUAWEI

Hector Chagoya


In Venice even litigation is a pleasure

Audrey Yap (LES Singapore) passes the gavel to John Paul (LES USA-Canada)